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Fullstack developer in Shanghai Songjiang

  • Blue Orange
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  • Shanghai Songjiang
  • 28/06/2019
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LanCheng is looking for people to be a part of our China Tech team in Shanghai.

We are looking for a Full-Stack Web App Developer who is passionate about their craft, who thrive on challenge and who believe in success through collaboration people who would complement our existing developers! You will be part of our team in Shanghai.


As a Full-Stack Web App Developer, you are responsible for developing world-class, complete web applications, both on the backend and frontend, for monitoring and addressing performance and security, and for developing customer-focused and scalable user experiences. You will work side-by-side with designers, product owners, copywriters and other developers to create new features, test your own ideas, and push changes live for thousands of users. You will:

  • Deliver web applications from an idea inception and validation to a scalable solution.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to ideate solutions for users, prioritizing based on business impact, and A/B test them.
  • Develop new user-facing products and optimize existing ones using both client-side as well as server-side languages and technologies


Understanding the full stack of web development, from transmission of data segments between networks to presenting a well-strategized experience to users is vitally important in this role. We need self-starters who are great at solving problems, who initiate discussions, are solutions-oriented, customer focused, create value and believe that any challenge can be scaled with the right mindset and tools. We are looking for:

  • Experience working on products that impact a large user base or in an entrepreneurial start-up environment.
  • Experience with data-driven product development: analytics, A/B testing, etc.
  • Self-starters with a collaborative, can-do attitude.
  • You are pro-active. Ask questions and keep a list for yourself of all the work that needs to be done.
  • Delivery of end-to-end solutions to validate ideas and produce quality products
  • A minimum of 1 year of experience with one or more general purpose programming languages, including but not limited toC#.NET , VB.NET and Web development with JavaScript, HTML, CSS and HTTP.
  • Some database experience.
  • Passionate learners who is not afraid of new tools and technologies to build a great end-to-end customer experience.
  • Experience (big plus), knowledge or willing to learn by DIY about APP development in IOS using best in class tools (Swift, Ionic, React, Xamarin).
  • Fluent in Chinese and very well understandable in English (Does not need to be perfect).


  • Not a 9,9,6 job. We understand and value family and personal time. We believe that productivity is realized not when people are stressed and in a hurry all the time but when they are balanced and in a good vibe. You have to make your 20 hours and you must be committed to create stability in your time schedule because the team relies on it. On time communication is everything. We give, you give.
  • Creating value is what we belief in the rest in secondary.
  • A market conform salary based on your experience and knowledge.
  • If you are committed, create value and belief in our cause, then we offer you a bonus.
  • Work in an international environment setup.
  • Work in a small start-up company.
  • Time to learn new things by following courses.
  • A green and open office environment.


Our only request
You need to live within 30 minutes of our office in Songjiang Shanghai at the  Songjiang Caohejing High Tech Area. If needed we will provide you support in finding a great rental close by. For sure we will introduce you to the community and show you around. If you need time to move over, we will give you one month.






  • 将Web应用程序从初始概念和测试阶段落实到解决方案。
  • 与同事合作,为用户设计解决方案,根据业务影响确定优先级,然后进行A/B测试。
  • 开发新的面向用户的产品,并使用客户端以及服务器端语言和技术优化现有产品。



  • 具有影响大用户群或创业环境的产品工作经验。
  • 具有数据驱动产品开发经验:分析、A/B测试等。
  • 具有合作精神、敢于接受挑战。
  • 做事积极主动,善于提出问题,工作清晰有条理。
  • 从构思到端对端解决方案的提交,实现高质量产品的开发。
  • 至少1年以上通用编程语言经验,包括但不限于C#.NET , VB.NET和使用Javascript、HTML、CCS和HTTP 进行Web开发。
  • 一些数据库经验。
  • 乐于学习新鲜事物,运用新工具和技术来建立良好的端对端客户体验。
  • 经验(最大加分项),专业知识或愿意自学iOS应用程序开发,使用最佳工具(Swift, Ionic, React, Xamarin)。
  • 流利的中文以及良好的英文理解表达能力。



  • 不!是!996!我们理解并重视家庭和个人时间的重要性。我们相信,生产力不是在人们的压力和催促中完成的,而是当他们处于平衡和良好的氛围中。工作时间从8:00至9:30开始,时间较灵活,这样你也可以有时间带孩子上学。当然,你必须拿出40个小时的工作时间,有一个稳定的时间表。及时沟通是一切工作的基础。我们付出的同时你也付出。
  • 创造价值是第二位。
  • 薪资范围:基于市场标准以及你的专业能力和经验
  • 如果你有决心,为我们的事业创造价值,那么我们会给你额外奖金。
  • 在国际化氛围中工作。
  • 在一家小型初创公司工作。
  • 新培训、新知识。
  • 绿色开放的办公环境。



4.000 RMB per month

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