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Headquarted in Hong Kong, started its website in 2019. We help matching talented bilanguals professionals with local and internatioal startups, SMEs/SMBs and multinational corporates that are located in one of the 16 districts in Shanghai China.

We support employers and employee that are located or want to work in  the following 16 administrative districts:

  • Huangpu District (黄浦区 Huángpǔ Qū)

  • Xuhui District (徐汇区 Xúhuì Qū)

  • Changning District (长宁区 Chángníng Qū)

  • Jing'an District (静安区 Jìng'ān Qū)

  • Putuo District (普陀区 Pǔtuó Qū)

  • Hongkou District (虹口区 Hóngkǒu Qū)

  • Yangpu District (杨浦区 Yángpǔ Qū)

  • Minhang District (闵行区 Mǐnháng Qū)

  • Baoshan District (宝山区 Bǎoshān Qū)

  • Jiading District (嘉定区 Jiādìng Qū)

  • Pudong New Area (浦东新区 Pǔdōng Xīnqū)

  • Jinshan District (金山区 Jīnshān Qū)

  • Songjiang District (松江区 Sōngjiāng Qū)

  • Qingpu District (青浦区 Qīngpǔ Qū)

  • Fengxian District (奉贤区 Fèngxián Qū)

  • Chongming District (崇明区 Chóngmíng Qū)

The vision of is to become the bridge to connect between multinational corporations and bilangual professionals in searching for employment opportunities in Shanghai.

Today, many job sites are available in shanghai. However, our unique position of being focused on bilangual foreign (expat) and local professionals that make us a rising strr in the fast growing English, Chinese, and Germans speaking job market in Shanghai.

We offer HR departments and recruiting services focus and easy to use online platform with access to thousands of possible candidates.

Why choose us?

  • We are still in Beta offering you the possibility to place job posts for free during the beta period.

  • Manage (edit or delete) older posted jobs by using the email received when the job was posted.

  • No out-of-date information about you and your job applications.

  • Best in class SEO. Our professionals know how to attract the right candidates through social media, adsense and blog posts.